Acceptable Items

We accept Computers (CPUs), Laptops, Monitors, Printers, Scanners, Networking Hardware, Servers and Server Racks, Copiers, DVD and VCR Players, Projectors, Phone Networking Eqpt (PBX and Fiber), Phones (minus handsets), Cell phones, Cabling, TV sets, Hard Drives, Floppy Drives, Memory, Software, CDs, DVDs, Data and Magnetic Tapes, Typewriters, All forms of adapters and Game Systems, etc.

Unacceptable Items

Some items we do not take are based on EPA regulations and health and exposure concerns for our employees.

We Do Not Accept:

  • Medical Radiological Eqpt: X-ray machines, etc.
  • Biological Eqpt: Any items used in health care for humans or animals, any and all lab eqpt.
  • Kitchen Appliances: We do not accept Refrigerators, Ovens, Microwaves, Stoves, etc. No small health and beauty items either.
  • Mucous membrane contact items: We do not accept headphones, microphones, phone handsets, earplugs, etc. If you would like to recycle your Ipod or Walkman, please keep your headphones or cutoff the earbuds before bringing them in.
  • Infested Items: Any piece of equipment that has rodent or insect infestation or mold or body fluids will not be accepted.

2009 Recycling Fees

We are not charging for pickups in Hamilton County and asset reporting is available for $1.00 per item. All pickups will be reported by the job and information on our downstream processors of all material will be available upon request. Our facilities and those of our processors in our downstream will be available for audit and inspection by appt. We will invoice each client after the items have been picked up and processed.
We will caution our clients to be careful dealing with companies that provide recycling at no charge for CRTs The domestic market does not support “no charge” recycling at this time for CRT glass. Make sure and find out exactly where your material is going for any free CRT recycling service.

Asset Tracking

Asset Reporting by serial number with asset tag removal/reporting: $1.00 per item

Generic asset tag removal: No charge

Hard Drive Destruction

Physically smashed, Generic, done on all hard drives received: NO Charge

Hard drive wipe with Wipe Drive 3.0 and recording

and reporting of serial number: $10.00


Computer CPU Desktop–NO Charge
Computer CPU Tower—–NO Charge
CPU/Monitor Combo any size (Terminals with CRTs, IMacs,
emacs, early machines cost incurred is due to CRT)—$20.00
Server Rack 1u or otherwise—No charge
Laptops/Notebooks any kind—No charge

CRT Monitors

17in and below, any kind–$10.00

19in and above, any kind–$20.00

LCD Monitors:

LCDs any size no glass cracks: No charge
LCDs any size glass cracked: $10.00

Printers, Scanners. Fax, Etc.

No Charge


No charge


No charge


UPS/Battery Backups any kind: NO CHARGE

Rechargable Batteries including
Ni-Cad/Li-on laptop, phone. etc: NO charge

Alkaline batteries: $1.00/lb


All kinds of cabling including Coaxial

by the box: No charge

CRT Televisions

19in and below CRT TVs: $10.00
21in and above CRT TVs: $20.00
32in and above CRT TVs: $40.00

Wood Console CRT TVs all sizes/kinds: $40.00
Projection TVs any kind $50.00

LCD Televisions

LCD TVs any size no glass cracks: No charge
LCD Tvs glass cracked any size: $20.00

Home Audio/Video

Stereos any size: No charge
VCRs any size: No charge
DVD players any size: No charge
Cables boxes/DVRs/Receivers any size : No charge
Wood Speakers: No charge
Plastic Speakers: No charge

Cell Phones: NO Charge

Loose Circuit boards any kind: NO charge

Misc Electronic Eqpt: CALL

To schedule a pickup or general information please contact: