The following information is provided to assist in the evaluation of the regulatory compliance programs of Technology Lifecycle LLC. This information has been assembled based on questions most often asked in our experience with environmental audits. Technology Lifecycle LLC. recognizes that environmental compliance and liability is of the utmost concern to our customers and we have attempted to address these issues. We will make every attempt to answer any additional questions regarding our facility, operations, vendor relationships, or compliance programs and we welcome visits to our facility. More details are available by calling the office. Technology Lifecycle LLC. is also available for audits and tours of its facility and operations. Please contact us for details.


Technology Lifecycle LLC. receives and re-packages for sale to other recyclers equipment at its corporate facility at 4818 B Hixson Pike Hixson, TN 37343  Technology Lifecycle LLC’s  building consists of 2,400 square feet for production and warehousing.  As of May 1st, 2009, Technology Lifecycle, LLC. will run all operations out of this facility. All previous processing and warehousing facilities have been successfully vacated. Since Technology Lifecycle, LLC. is not required to be licensed/regulated by the EPA and no EPA site ID has been assigned for this facility.


Technology Lifecycle LLC. has developed and implemented a comprehensive safety program that is available for inspection at our location.  All employees undergo a formalized safety training program upon hire in addition to yearly refresher courses. Programs are structured in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements. The company operates free of variances, consent decrees, or any other safety and health abatement agreements.


Technology Lifecycle LLC. retains the service of an independent agent to provide expertise in determining our insurance needs. Certificates of Insurance are available upon request.


Technology Lifecycle LLC. accepts personal computers, related computer equipment, mainframe systems, televisions, photocopiers, facsimiles, and other office equipment for refurbishing or recycling. Less than 1% of materials collected by Technology Lifecycle LLC. are sent to landfills. Landfilled materials include non-recyclable packaging/plastics, and labels. Since Technology Lifecycle LLC. is engaged in the business of electronics recycling, it is exempt from RCRA and State of Tennessee hazardous waste permit requirements.

See CFR 261 of the EPA code: (

Tennessee Code: ( and (

While Technology Lifecycle LLC. business activity does not require site identification from state or federal officials, we strive to meet or exceed environmental standards


Technology Lifecycle LLC. has developed a procedure for accepting materials for recycling from customers, as well as for handling non-conforming waste collected from its customers. Generally, any electronic device used in a common office environment is accepted. Medical, biological, or animal research, or test equipment is not accepted. Any and all equipment known or suspected to be used with or deemed to be actually radioactive, biohazardous, and various other chemicals and materials not common to electronic devices cannot be safely managed by Technology Lifecycle, LLC and will be returned to the generator with notice to be sent to an appropriate processor.


Technology Lifecycle, LLC. works directly with end users of the materials generated by its electronic equipment disassembly process. Domestic vendors that process wastes generated by Technology Lifecycle, LLC. are regulated by State and Federal entities.. Technology Lifecycle, LLC. makes every attempt to sell recyclables to the domestic market. . Technology Lifecycle, LLC. also sells tested, working, refurbished equipment into the domestic and international markets. Technology Lifecycle, LLC. makes every attempt to do business with reliable wholesalers. List of processors and clientele are not available to the public but are available on demand  for perusal at our location to any state or federal regulatory agency.