Technology Lifecycle LLC. uses “WipeDriveDOD 3.0” by White Canyon Software Inc. as a platform to overwrite data on hard drives. Wipe Drive is an approved compliance tool for HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and the the Patriot Act, Identity Theft and the Assumption Deterrence Act. Additional proprietary fail-safe resources have been incorporated into the program to ensure successful wipes. Any hard disk that is faulty and cannot be wiped is destroyed manually. Normal wiping is completed with one complete re-write of the disk with “one” and “zero” numeric characters. This is sufficient for nearly all drives. We can also wipe to a 3 pass Department of Defense Standard specification for an additional fee.

  • All reusable electronic data storage devices are wiped by Technology Lifecycle, LLC employees prior to leaving the facility. If a storage device fails the wiping procedure for any reason, it is removed and destroyed prior to recycling. We value our customer’s intellectual property by providing this thorough service.
  • Our electronic wiping program provides the best sanitization of reusable hard drives available. It wipes everything stored on a hard disk, including partition tables, all file data, and boot record information. The program works on IDE and SCSI drives and runs independent of the partition set on the drive.
  • Our technicians open every computer case to physically verify the presence of hard drives in a system. In servers or computers with multiple drives, media may escape wiping without a physical examination because cables may be unseated or the drive is not recognized.
  • Once drives are wiped, the technician records the wipe date, wipe method, etc. Additionally, hard drive serial numbers can also be recorded as further evidence that they are destroyed. Technology Lifecycle, LLC. can provide detailed reports on the method of destruction for each medium it handles for a nominal fee.
  • Recovering data after one overwrite is a very expensive and highly technical operation and is not available to the general public! If you think someone would go to extreme measures to attempt to recover your data, then you should consider doing 3 overwrites. (additional fee applies) A large number of overwrites is recommended for those who are extremely worried, however, we advise physical destruction of the media if more than 3 overwrites are needed