Technology Lifecycle LLC. is the premiere technology retirement service in East Tennessee. We offer the best of both worlds: high quality technical services and complete, responsible recycling options. We will remove all your computer equipment and provide an Excel spreadsheet to your company as proof of recycling for any EPA “Green Audit” or Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) lifecycle report. We will make a way for almost all electronic equipment to be either recycled, re-marketed, or destroyed at the customer’s request and provide certificate’s of destruction for all equipment that is deemed to be scrap.

Here is a breakdown of the corporate process:

  1. Obsolete Inventory
  2. Assess Inventory at Your Location
  3. Remove and Transport Inventory to Our Location at NO COST TO YOU!
  4. Inventory Received and Tracking System Implemented
  5. Inventory Testing and Serial Number Recorded
  6. Working Systems Sent to Data Destruction/ Security Overwrite
  7. All Equipment Either Sent to Remarketing or Destruction
  8. Dismantling and Component Recovery of Defective Units
  9. EPA compliant Disposal or Domestic Remarketing
  10. Excel Spreadsheet Provided to Customer for Records and Proof of Recycling/Destruction